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Post-Art Art Fair

May 5, 2009
Bucky, a Dymaxion car, and a geodesic dome

Bucky, a Dymaxion car, and a geodesic dome

There’s no way to describe in any succinct fashion Art Chicago, NEXT, Converge, and all of the events associated with this week’s fair, so here’s a few highlights:

  • Goffo and Jelly Wrestling
  • Finding out that Max Protech sells Buckminster Fuller works
  • Awkward exchanges between Midwestern curators and one from the Whitney
  • Recession hit the bar: the black VIP card would only get you free water on the Art Chicago level.
  • However, at NEXT, the Grolsch cart served free beer all day and night!
    Art Fair tourists, like those who came to take photos of art and those who told me that my booth’s flower arrangement was the “best-looking thing” they had seen all day. Really, not the art?