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Christa Donner, Re:Production. On view at Three Walls, through Feb. 14, 2009

January 16, 2009

Christa Donner with her work

Christa Donner draws and draws, on walls and in zines – even her animations are cut and pasted drawings.  Her intricate, obsessive, and simple graphic style animates the flat walls at Three Walls (116 N. Peoria St.). In case some of the works look familiar, versions of some of the drawings at Three Walls have appeared elsewhere, in New York City, Chicago, and Cleveland.

Yes, she draws vaginas and pregnant women, but this isn’t first-wave feminism. Donner researched the various ways he animal kingdom gives birth. An example of her research seen in this exhibition: a certain type of mite gives birth through their stomach, their offspring bursting through the stomach lining and out into the world. Gross, right?

From here, Donner anthropomorphizes the various ways animals give birth by drawing humans going through the same process, i.e. babies bursting out of fleshy stomachs.  Donner’s process of finding obscure information about reproduction and then substituting, say mites for humans, serves to demystify the pregnancy process.

Stereotypes still abound about pregnancy, from the idea that  it should be an entirely joyful process during month one through nine, to the idea that every woman will at some point want to be pregnant.  Showing how pregnancy really works in the rest of the world is one step to forging a dialogue about the still misunderstood topic of pregnancy.

When you go to Three Walls, remember to pick up a free mini-comic/zine by this creative documentarian.  In the comic, Donner illustrates her interviews with women about their reproductive organs. Just don’t expect anything typical.