About Le Chicago Art Blog

Why “Le”? Perhaps this is too formal for a blog, but really, if this blog could speak, it would definitely prefer if you would refer to it with the definite article. It, as a critical source of information, vastly prefers its readers to have some knowledge of grammar.


One Response to “About Le Chicago Art Blog”

  1. Kimberly Soenen TOJO Says:

    Please Join us for Opening Night

    Group Art Exhibition at TOJO Gallery
    Friday, June 5

    Visit TojoGallery.com

    Mark Verwoerdt drawings & paintings
    Trevor O’Neil furniture design & sculpture
    Michael O’Briant paintings
    Aaron Miller illustration

    *Food. Drinks. Small Art. Big Art. Sound by DJs Lomax, Artaru & L-des.

    RSVP by June 2
    Kimberly Soenen
    T 312.946.0938


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