Catherine Forster: They Call Me Theirs, Hyde Park Art Center, August 3 – October 5, 2008

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that anything happens outside of the general vicinity of the Blue Line. I at least want to ride my bicycle somewhere while still being able to get home without wanting to collapse, hunched over on my bed after pedaling too many miles on my rusty old bicycle. I really just need to stop being lazy–or buy a car–because the Hyde Park Art Center has an extensive programming and exhibition selection on view at one time.

One of the solo exhibitions currently on view, They Call Me Theirs, displays Catherine Forster’s multiple media installation. A reverie on the intersections of humanity and nature, the subleties that also make this a carefully crafted formal project reside in its focus on spectatorship. When walking inside Forster’s cabin, the didacticism of the artist’s emphasis on spectatorship becomes all-too-apparent: you must lean over, then peer into a monitor that literally frames nature for you. The motif of intimacy continues onto the walls outside the Black Box Gallery, with prints of what could be either a close-up view of flora and fauna or a neon-tinted AbEx painting.

Obviously, I need to get to Hyde Park more often.


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